A Sonnet for Eomer

(based on Shakespeare's Sonnet XLVIII )

How careful was I when I took my way
Each oath under truest sword to thrust,
That, by my guard, it might unbroken stay
From hands of falsehood, in sure wards of trust!
But thou, for whom my oath's allegiance are,
Most worthy Lordship, now my greatest grief,
Thou, best of dearest, and mine greatest care
Art left helpless prey to this vulgar thief.
Thee have I not lock'd up in any chest,
Save where thou are not, though I feel thou art,
Within the armored closure of my breast.
From Meduseld thou hast commanded I depart;
But even thence thou would be stolen I fear,
For lies prove thievish for a prize so dear.

- Primula