Two Sonnets for Bilbo

Hidden Venture
Based on Shakespeare's Sonnet CLIII

Bilbo lay by his book, and fell asleep:
A nephew, his, this advantage finds,
And safe-keeping notes did quickly steep
In the curious-fountain of his mind;
Which borrow'd from his Uncle, so like,
An endlessly lively seeking to endure.
He read a seething tale, which yet no dyke
Against strange 'venturing will find a cure,
But 'neath old Bilbo's eye, found dreams new-fire'd.
The lad, he notes slight movement of the cheek;
Now, sly withal, the help of maps desir'd,
He thither hides his surreptitious peek -
But found no cure: the adventure's help lies
Where Bilbo found new fire - in Frodo's eyes.

Bilbo and Thorin
Based on Shakespeare's Sonnnet CXX

You who were once betrayed - befriend me now;
For here that anger which I then did feel,
(That stone! I was thus trangression bow'd,
Unless my nerves were brass and hammer'd steel!),
For if you were by my unkindness shaken,
And I, as tyrant, had no leisure taken
To weigh how once you suffer'd in your crime -
O that our night of woe might have remember'd
That deepest sense! So hard true sorrow hits,
And soon to you, as you to me, then tender'd,
The humble salve which wounded bosom fit:
That your forgiveness now becomes a fee:
Mine ransoms yours, and yours ransoms me.

- Primula