A Song in the Dark

- Primula

When it all seems ended,
With no witness to our tale,
When death overshadows
And mists rise from the vale,
My voice may still reach him.
A lyric for the heart,
Touching with a song in the dark.

When all things have become
Too impassable and strong,
I'll sing for him,
A song in the midst of our despair.
To help him remember
That bit of light and warmth,
I'll sing to him a song in the dark.

Music in the nighttime
To lead him back to life.
When all his hope is gone,
And his heart lies cold and dead.
Sweet notes in the silence,
To bring him out of dreams -
Pulling out of horrors to
Kindle hope instead.

The voice of a loved one
Raised in lonely song -
Like a hand reaching out
To grasp him as he falls,
Holding him back from
The edge of the abyss,
Away from death's longing,
With a reason to live.

Soft the song sweeps up
The sharp obsidian steps,
Finding him wounded, crumpled,
Where he lays alone.
Such comfort to a hurting soul,
To know he's not abandoned.
There is a strengthening of will
Just knowing there is hope.

Few other songs could equal
In courage, heart or power
The one so small, yet singing,
Out from that blackest tower.
That song at first so hesitant,
Soft notes soon shining out
As pure as stars in a velvet sky...

That bit of light and warmth
In the dark.