Slopes of Ash

- Primula
How can we bear this silence? Throats
And tongues dry and swollen.
My voice comes like smoke on the wind.
How can I bear your eyes
Aching for tears when none will come -
I want to feel pity for you, Sam,
But I cannot, I am lost, so very lost...
My own sight lies empty yet filled;
Such visages haunt my eyes.
Fire flickers behind them, a
Heat that consumes my thoughts, my desires,
My very heart.
Tormenting my sight night and day;
Hour by hour the wheel turns and spins
Flaring, beauteous, golden;
Molten yet harder, sharper and more deadly
Than any tempered blade.
Blood trickles from my bitten lip;
The burden is more ruddy and far more bitter.
Ash and grit fill my lungs with every breath
My strength is dried up.
There can be no turning back now.
I have no past, I have no future.
Death is before me and behind me, it
Walks alongside me with every painful step.
Death to hem me in, to betray and comfort me.
It binds me and calls me to my release.
A voice of wind and fire,
Touching my mind with a
Burning caress.
The slopes of ash rise up before me,
But my eyes
Behold them not.