See how the waves lift their arms to the sun
Pale gold and green, soft grey and pearl.

Your eyes, beloved,
Once met mine, under leaves -
Your hand strayed over sweet silver bark,
Smooth-shining and silken with life's blood...

The waves fall forward folding in upon themselves,
Tumbling in grey and taupe and crystal,
Ever-reaching their white hands for the shore.
Your pale hands
Were ever-reaching, for the stars.
Your eyes were golden-green, soft grey and crystal.
I remember,
I remember.
The curve of your arms, lifted up as wings,
Sea wind streaming its fingers through your hair,
The blood-golden light of the day's ending;
How it gilded and shadowed with a glory.

Your heart was ever seaward, beloved.
Ever seaward
And the cry of the seabird was our knell.

Look back, my cherished one,
Return to me,
Return once more to silvered waters,
To the swan-waters that lay still, glass under the moon.
You looked upon them,
Both smiles and tears traced in moonlight.

Return to me, that once more I may hear
Your voice
Among the stars of gold,
Among the leaves of green.

The silver of the stars was netted among the trees,
Upon the waters, reflected branches;
I remember them reflected in your eyes.

The waters lift up, bow and break once more.
Shores of memories; our love is thus broken -
A thousand crystalline shards, falling without substance,

The sun sets into the West,
And my eyes dim.

Beyond the sea,
Are there any mallorn trees?
For I have never heard them mentioned,
And cannot leave
This wood,

You are ever

- Primula