Seabirds Cry

- Primula 
MEFA Awards Honoarble Mention 2006

This poem folds back on itself, the ending coming back to the beginning, so the waves may continue as long as you like.

My soul fills my eyes,
In this daybreak's light.
My tears must be held back.
Coming out of waking dreams,
In the cool of the morning I know -
I know afar my dreams still await me:
Endless rhythms of a light-flecked sea,
Silver and gray, with everpresent breezes.
The wind carries with it the salt-air tang,
The wind brings with it the cry of birds.
How long to be borne and not follow?
Their plaintive tones tears my heart;
Seabirds' cries, as no other sound.
Ah, deeply drawn in sea-longing,
All its ever-changing mystery.
Against the deepening blue
They spread their wings,
I desire to join them,
To turn in the air
In freedom as
They do
In the
Ah -
My heart...
No longer at
Peace, between
Two loves pulled.
For I cannot forget,
How the Lady's words
Have proven all too true -
Far-seeing, in wisdom knew.
In loneliness and longing, I am
No longer content in leaf and bud;
Even surrounded by spring's beauty
No longer at home among sweet woods.
In the longing for the sea my captured heart
Beats confined to this earthen land yet a while.
There are many wounds yet in need of healing.
Many tasks that are awaiting their fulfillment.
In the green leaf's shade I must abide longer,
I cannot allow my heart yet to take lead.
Calling to the meeting of land and sea,
The seabird's cry fills my dreams;
Crystal foaming crests of waves,
Murmurs of dreams beyond
The ever farthest shores.
Of sunlight on water,
The hues of storms,
Iridescent spray.
The seabird
Cries -
My heart!
Such longing
I cannot conceal;
My soul fills my eyes.