Rivendell's Refuge

Gentle, the last Homely House
Among the mists and mountain pines,
An Autumn leaf slowly drifting,
Golden, broken off from time.
All the singing and silence,
All the dancing and stillness,
To fulfill the desires of a heart.

The mildness of Spring,
The softness of Summer,
Winter's warm fires burn in the Hall.
A refuge for every time,
For every step of the journey,
Every turning of the heart.
Seasons of pain, of joy or of change.

Under its eaves the weary find shelter.
With companionship or silence,
The grieving are comforted.
Though the need may cut deeply,
To the very depths of the soul -
Healing is offered for every ache and hurt,
And a balm for those broken in spirit.
Softly, a peace fills and overflows,
Pent tears are released from aching eyes.
A chance for rest from heavy cares -
Even to those who cannot find rest
Any other place but there.

Gentle, the last Homely House
Among your waterfalls and streams.
Our path must slowly turn away
To leave you, in your valley golden,
Living there among our dreams.
All the waking and sleeping,
All the friendship and love,
A heart could desire in a lifetime.