- Primula
An acrostic poem for Frodo

Freely did you take upon yourself this
Ring, this endless temptation to
Own resplendant evil, taken, yourself
Devoured by its brilliance and light,
Only yours and no other's.

Beauteous and golden, it met its match;
Against your steadfast hold to what is
Good, it had little chance. It could not know
Gentleness, or purity. It had no understanding of
Innocence nor of your desire that your people should
Never fall beneath the shadow of its dark
Slavery; darkness could not fathom your light.

Ringbearer they named you, a title and a curse.
Isildur's bane strung about your neck,
Never again would you be free of its weight.
Guided by deceit and treachery while yet
Bound to your task, providence was yet upon you,
Even as you feared you would breathe your last.
Alone but for one, you found a way. You
Remembered once more who you were, and
Even though it overwhelmed, you were triumphant.
Rest now, courageous one, rest.