Rivendell Reflection

- Primula

Clothed in soft garments laid out for me,
The color of new leaves
As if something were
Just beginning.
(the day is drawing to a close
how long did he say I slept?)
A look in the mirror,
Both familiar and strange.
Have I really changed so much?

I consider the one who looks back at me,
The living image of memories,
The look of seasons past.
Exploring wood and dale back home,
With dear Bilbo by my side,
Chattering on about histories and tongues of Men
And Elves.
A thinner face.
And this newly youthful look cannot belie
Changes. (Such aged,
Haunted eyes...)
You've seen a thing or two, haven't you?
You have indeed.
(The new chain is light and strong.
My loss is not so great as I feared.)

What more might you see, eyes?
What more...
And can I bear what might yet remain
To be seen? (Or unseen.
there is comfort within these walls,
But what of the world without them?)
I should hope
The worst is over for now.

Hullo, Sam -
Let's go and look
For the rest.