To the Professor

- Primula

On the occasion of Tolkien's birthday, January 3rd, '07

To the Professor! 
To he,
Whose imagination and heart were captured
In the shining depths;
Languages and history,
Heroism and sacrifice,
Tragedy and truth;
Even so have ours been.
To he,
Who wandered the dream-paths,
Dared to run his hands
Through the tangled strands of gold and silver,
Threaded the tapestry with crystal and
Lifted it up in the firelight,
Light borne of faded lifetimes, ancient words.
To he,
Who brought a forgotten world to us,
Breathing life into it under his pen,
Sharing his dreams,
Allowing us to come and wander with him.
Feel the Road beneath your feet?
The starlight upon your shoulders?
To he who made it so.
To the Professor!