One Son of Gondor

- Primula
Out from the battle
And fresh from the fray,
One son of Gondor
Rode out on a day

Saddled and bridled
And gallant rode he;
Home came his brother.
But never came he.

Out came his father
Stern in his power
And out came the guardsmen
Of pearl-white tower;

Their trumpets silver
Would surely be blown,
But one son of Gondor
Will never come home.

Saddled and bridled
And booted rode he,
A horn to his hand
And sword by his knee.

To them came the horn
All broken in twain,
Splitted asunder
As hard heart in pain.

Hard heart will shatter
When struck with a blow,
No softness nor bending
Will it ever know.

Lay down the pieces
Before the White Tree
His brother returned
But never came he.

Pride of his father,
Hale and strong
This bright golden son
Who could do no wrong.

Golden the favor
That sent him to roam;
But one son of Gondor
Will never come home.