- Primula

"...no oath or bond is laid on you to go further than you will..."
"Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens," said Gimli.
"Maybe," said Elrond, "but let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall."
"Yet sworn word may strengthen quaking heart," said Gimli.
"Or break it." said Elrond.

Oaths may help the faint of heart be strengthened,
Contracts may close the ways of doubt and fear,
But when the road becomes a difficult and dark one
Facing terrors, a broken heart is steeped in tears;
Failing strength overcomes the will to go on.

Facing the unknown, knowing the unbearable,
Living through the trials of fire, stone and dust.
Great is the wisdom that knows and recognizes
When a steel-bound oath will only break a trust.
Great was the wisdom that spared them that sorrow.

To perceive the strength that could endure such testing;
Knowing the endurance and devotion for the trial
Could be found solely in the steadfast hand of friendship,
He trusted in the love that would go the farthest mile,
Trusted that devoted heart would best the oath of steel.

Broken, the spirit of the one who knows he's failed,
Who foolishly has promised beyond his strength and vow.
Far-reaching and powerful, the depths of love continue,
Knowing no such bounds, even when it knows not how;
For as long as there is breath and life it carries hope.

Accursed is deemed any breaker of oaths taken;
Narrow their escape, in spite of love and courage both.
They escaped its breaking by the wisdom of his counsel,
For only the Ringbearer was bound by an oath.
And he went lonely to his doom without them by his side.

Only one stayed on beside him, and that one but through love,
He had made no vow, yet like a living promise stayed.
Hard were the choices of the ones they left behind them;
The one who met his death the very day that he betrayed,
The others taking scattered paths without their word-bond broken.

"I'm coming with you..."

No. Follow me not into this tale of death and darkness,
You are bound by no oath, it is beyond your cup of sorrow,
Follow me not into this land of evil,
You are free to go, to grasp a life of bright tomorrows,
Go back among the living, you are not accursed.

Go back, Sam.

You bear no vow or burden, from my service you are freed.
Yet - If your heart is aching, and if your love is strong
You may come along beside me, for I will need your light;
I will need your hope in darkness, long after mine is dead and gone.
I do not ask that you would give this up for me, but still..

Come on...