Not for Thee

- Primula
Upon hilltop they came, a-four,
I saw them come, as none before -
Authority he yet brought forth;
Ring and stone and bright blade.
Heart-full I gazed, desired him more;
Glory released my fate.

Darksome these days! Parted from me,
Storm-eyed his gaze, 'twas not to be.
Harden I must, bend not to thee,
Stiff-backed rode he away.
I'll numb my heart to set it free,
Drown in a blacker day.


(Upon wall-top, mid garden green,
No finer one I've ever seen,
Beyond past hurts, this now my dream:
Gentle, Steward-Captain.
Taking my hand, his love redeems,
Starr'd mantle blue I'm wrapped in.)