- Primula

Noses of hobbits love scents of dinner,
Hoping that they won't grow thinner.
Noses that also love a good full pipe,
Glad the leaf was cut and dried just right.
Noses near dung, well, that was close -
Would rather smell hot mushrooms and toast.
Nose of a Black Rider; sniffing nearby,
Nose of his horse says a friendly "hi!"
Nose of an innkeeper points on down,
Hasn't for six months smelled Gandalf around.
Nose of a wanderer, smelling out trouble,
Helping the hobbits get safe of the double.
Nose of Bill-pony at an apple lipping
Or for a carrot so gently nipping,
Nose of a Ranger sniffing at leaves,
Finding the athelas, grief to relieve.
Orc noses covered with staples all down,
Ripping out every last tree that they found.
Nose of a dwarf poking out of a beard,
How big would it be if it were sheared?
Elf nose sniffing at the cold wind
Wondering when a storm will begin,
Nose of a wizard, all pointy and long,
Nosing the difference 'tween right and wrong.
Nose of a troll, all pug and squashed,
Snuffling out the Ringbearer at all cost.
Nose of a Balrog all toasty with fire,
Sniffing a wizard raised up its ire.
Noses of fellowship, runny and red
From the crying, thinking Gandalf is dead.
Noses on elf-archers, so perfectly aimed
To show exactly where arrows would maim.
Noses from mud-puddles, ugly and dark,
Dealing with these ain't a walk in the park.
Nose of a Lurtz, tho' attached to his head,
Down on the ground it sniffs dirt instead.
Nose of dear Samwise, filling with water,
He's gonna follow, just like he ought'er.
Noses, ah, all these Middle Earth noses -
So glad they aren't hairy like the hobbit toeses!