No Other Way

- Primula

Herein lies the point of decision,
Herein lies the crux -
The crossroads are laid before you,
But only one path can be chosen.
A choice that really is no choice,
For there is no other way.

A gleam of light escapes the darkness,
A dying hand grasps at the shred of day -
A single beam upon a crown of flowers,
Lighting those trailing threads of life
On an austere, stony, fallen brow.
Only one glance to hearten you
Before the hard road,
And the Ring, consume your spirit:
The darkness cannot prevail forever.

The dead countryside lies shrouded,
The aged, silent trees await your choice.
The ragged edges of the dark gather
Enclosing the wasteland as a cloak.
You know which path must be taken,
For there is no other way.