Rhopalics for Merry

- Primula
Lettered Rhopalic for Merry

I, by his dear grace
Liveth: Aragorn bestowed
Blessings, revivalism

O my own dark dream;
Breath removed, grieving
Existance reawakened.

I do not want smoke,
Memory, painful, agonizes:
Regretful separation.

A so far away Shire,
Leige's unheard herblore
Eternally regretting.

O by his gold glory
Ended morning. Remember -
Bereaving peacefully.

I of him with smoke
Cradle thought,
Grieving, estimable swordthain.

Syllabic Rhopalic for Merry

In planning honesty's conspiracy
For friendship's loyalty devotional
An ordered practical insurgency
To ignore arguments emotional
By bearing suffering rhetorical
Thus ever deepening, compassionate,
In enmeshed history political
Was Merry's unflinching companionship.