Galadriel's Message

one who has traveled far,
Gimli of the Dwarves, under the wood where no
Son of the earth has trod for many a year,
Of earth and stone and fire's darkness are you, like
Glóin, your father, and his father before him -
Give me no gold, bring me none of your gems.
His hands were most likely calloused, as yours, a
Lady's gentle greeting they have rarely known, a
Greeting that I give you now, my
Lockbearer, a bearer of heart's treasure.
Wherever your fate takes you under the sun,
Thou shalt go with the wood's blessings, as
Goes the green leaf through its days, go you.
My own days under this sun are ending,
Thought and life flow away, falling from my hand
Goes the ending of our tale under these stars,
With many of my people I will soon be gone -
Thee, my Lockbearer, think of me,
But do not let your heart be troubled,
Have no cup of darkness for your partaking.
A long road lays before you, weary
Cares, weary days, but great joys also.
To such as you, this will be no great burden. I
Lay my own burdens down soon, taking up naught.
Thine people, thine inheritance will yet stand a while,
Axes and swords, jewels and gates.
To your people and those you serve, I bid
The farewell of an Age both blessed and cursed,
Rightfully and wrongfully have we lived, and the
Trees will remember.

- Primula