The Havens

On the shores of land
Where the seabirds cry
And the waves swirl their foam
As they wander and sing,
There’s a waiting ship
For the quiet ones
Who turn from the labors
And sorrows life brings.

For those seeking the Havens,
For the land will be barren of much that was fair.
Heard, songs of the Havens,
For so many voices no longer sing there.

By the light of stars
Turning in their paths
And the shine of their faces
Though the dawning be grey,
There’s a place for tears
For those left behind
Whose hearts feel the parting
As they stand by the quay.

For those seeking the Havens,
Not all tears are evil though many will fall.
Dear ones of the Havens;
Crossing the waters, remember our call.

For this precious one
Going to his peace
The one who was bearing
The burden so lasting,
Now the time has come
To bid friends farewell
For they will be whole,
Though they weep at his passing.

For those seeking the Havens,
Though the grieving will wane and healing will come.
In his hand is still shining
Though the brightness of stars are soon lost in the sun.

Soft are the tears at the Havens,
For the brightness of stars
Are soon lost in the sun.

- Primula