For the Girls (Sean's)

In the cool, dark hours
I sometimes have to leave so early,
You are still sleeping...
Your sweet face among your tumbled locks, parted lips peacefully breathing.
I gently smooth back your hair, give a soft parting kiss to your forehead.
You will not remember it, but there it is.
Perhaps it is more for me.
I want you to know that I love you,
More than you will ever know, unless someday
You should be blessed with children of your own.
You are my life.
I want you to know when you see me on tv,
That my heart remembers that you are waving to me,
Even though I can’t see it –
I know it. I can hear your excited voices –
Yes, here I am, sweetheart. Here’s Daddy.
I’ll be home again soon. Remember that I love you.
I am only free to reach for my dreams
Because I know my heart is safely carried with you.
Our home is in my heart. I carry you with me, in my heart each day.
No matter where I am.
Draw me a picture. Save a sleepy smile for me.
There is no treasure a man could cherish more than
I cherish

- Primula