Gimli's Hope

So many years, so long ago
My kinsmen chose that path
Seeking after that rarely named,
coveted,  treasured ore.
Eyes lit by visions of a glory restored,
Hopes set aloft by plans for riches and might.
Balin set out at the caravan's head,
"The start of a new, greater era." he said.
To colonize again, to reclaim,
Until the darksome name should be lifted,
Washed into memory, a closed chapter
In the glorious history of redoubtable Dwarves.

He will be waiting for us there. You'll see.
We'll find him, in my bones I'm sure of it.
Balin's glory will shine like a light,
Filling the room with his luminence.
The Lord of Moria will be waiting for us,
Surrounded by the finest cut of stone.
He will be set in a place of honor,
With a title all his own.
They will write of him in books,
Just wait and see, my good friends,
Just wait and see.

- Primula