Found Poetry - Primula

(from the first three pages of "The Shadow of the Past.")


Half unknown to himself: the regret;
Especially in the autumn, about the wild lands.
Into his dreams,
Strange visions of mountains never seen,
They had no name…
I shall cross one day: the other half replied,
Not yet. 
He looked at maps and wondered
What lay beyond their edges,
Wandering by himself, a year and a day.
Passing westward through the woods in the evening;
Passing and not returning,
Its end at the Grey Havens.
A shadow in the background of their memories,
Long after all the true events were forgotten.

(From the first few pages of “A Knife in the Dark”)

Setting Off

Apples for walking, a pipe for sitting; 
I’ll miss them both before long.
There is one crumb of comfort,
More than a crumb I hope:
We shall meet again some day.
Such a tale would last for many uneventful years,
When things are merry once more.
Anxious and downhearted,
I should like nothing better
Than to stay in your house, in peace.
The eyes of the crowd, the other guests:
Those shut their mouths and drew away.
I don’t suppose they are far away,
Most of the inhabitants -
They missed a dark and dangerous journey,
But never came to Rivendell.

- Primula