Fading Away

- Primula
Where has he gone, the Pale King?
Where has he gone?
An empty cloak;
Gone into shadow.

Your master soon will follow him, Sam;
Pierced he was by a
Cold that fire cannot warm, an
Ice that eats as acid to the depths of his soul.

What will become of my Master?
He is silent, shivering in the dark.
Life has drained from his arm and he
Fades away by my side.
Each day straying a little more
In emptiness.
Each night he tells me it
Grows a little darker,
Tells me he prefers the night, which is
Less empty.
He is leaving me, pulled into this
Mist alone.
Pulled by some evil tide
To some terrible place where I cannot follow.
My hand steadies him,
And I feel him tremble under it.
Closing his eyes in vain against
Some horror carried within
Another day is ending,
Where will we find our hope?