- Primula

At the ending of all my days
When spring has passed, with summer haze.
The hand of autumn withered, crushed
Like last year's leaves to veins and dust.
Winter's heavy frost is bending
The limbs and back; this silver ending.

At the ending of this golden reign
When health is fading into pain,
And life long held in sacred trust
Once sharpened iron, now flakes of rust
Borne down by weight of message sending,
The endless laws, tasks never-ending.

At the ending of our long-sought dream
The White Tree thriving strong and green
Will bring to mind our days of light
When we knew joy, the very height.
Our time has passed, though heart is rending
To think that I'll leave you in this ending.

At the ending of time together
My soul slips free of earthen tether.
Love, cover me over. My cold clay
Will lay at peace the end of day.
In honor, lay me down for tending
Between dear friends who've known ending.

At the ending of fellow bonds,
I bid farewell midst mourning songs.
Farewell dear Love, it's bittersweet -
I know that your own fate you'll meet.
My flesh from death no longer fending;
Our time was sweet, but now it's ending.

At the ending of all my days,
They will sing anew the older lays
Of great deeds past, of seeds once sown,
Of the strength and courage I had known.
It's gone, dear Love, no more pretending -
Let me go softly to my ending.