Dwarven Lords

- Primula

Deep beneath the sunlit earth
Hands lit by fire clenched rings of gold
Within dark mazes of their hearts
Where black rooms lay beneath the shale,
Desire for gold grew shining pale.

With hardened hands and burning hearts
They swung their tools and searched the depths
Descending past the known ways
Where secrets keep and treasures dwell
Their thirst for gold would kingdoms fell.

The rings, they burn; the rings, they twist,
Inflaming thought they glint on fist.
Sparked tinder for greed's fire and light
These rings so fair and oh so bright.

Bracelets and cups, bright hilts and harps;
Fine chains of their beloved ore
Adorned their chests and bound their brows
Where secret thoughts upon them gnawed;
Where hidden wealth became their god.

And thus their hearts were metal-bound,
Their souls consumed in endless need.
Treasures consumed by serpents dire:
Gold-lust shone deep within their eyes;
That inner fire of dragon-lies.

Foundation of each golden hoard:
A thirst for wealth that's never slaked.
Merciless, driven to never tire:
No peace but death, no end but fire.