Dome of Stars

Of Osgiliath

Now came the Enemy on, as evening grey
Did wrap the emptied city in its blind cloak.
Silence accompanied, for beast and bird,
Maid, matron, child – all these driven out, lay now
Far off and weeping. Only wakeful watching stars knew
The dark fingers upon the broken streets.
In silence they shone. How the firmament flares
With living fires above, sparks unseen by Men –
The starry host shining brightest through the
Broken ceiling of the Dome of Stars,
Unheeding of the corrupted servants of Night
Who would shun even this lesser light
To creep beneath the shattered pillars,
Away from this covering of Silver-white.
The River runs, black and shining in the night,
Smooth and dark, unstaunched and flowing,
Ever flowing from the wounded city.
Osgiliath of old, extinguished lamp of Numenor’s
Desiring, lies silent and whispers
Among dust-ridden shards, dreaming of light.

- Primula