He Creeps in Blackly

(Based on She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron)

He creeps in blackly like the night
Of clouded climes and obscured skies:
And all that's worst of dark and fright
Meet in his aspect and his eyes;
Theus stranger to that brighter light
Which heaven long since to him denied.

One shade the more, one ring the less
Had far impaired his withered face
Which slavered o'er every stinking fish
Or coldly robbed of every grace
Held thoughts no creature dare express,
Beneath the earth his dwelling-place.

And in those eyes and o'er that brow,
So hard, so mad, so hypocrite,
The words that urge, the fires that glow,
But tell of nights in darkness spent,
A mind bereft, bent on below,
A heart who has no innocence!

- Primula