For Christine

Thank you for believing in him, and being his hope.

In the long, still hours when the children are asleep,
In the quiet times when the lace-patterned sun
Moves warmly across the floor,
When the moonlight brushes soft shadows in the dark.
Close your eyes and remember.
Be at peace among the everblooming flowers and
Cherished pictures framed forever
In your mind.
There will never pass a day where he does not
Think of you.

Open your arms to gather in sweet blessings;
They will overflow your arms,
Lay piled softly about your feet.
When the days are long, or lonely
Take up this gentle courage;
Hold them gathered to your heart,
Soft rose-petal handfuls.
Breathe deeply of the sweet times
And recall the foundation of your love.
For there will
Pass a day where he does not think of

Presented to Christine Astin 4/03
- Primula