When my heart
lies withered in a wasteland of sorrow,
When my body
cries aching with hunger and thirst,
When my mind has been numbed beyond fear of the barrow,
Though this test be my death,
This perseverence binds my soul.

For I will lift you up
Though I do not know the way.
I will lift you up,
A few more steps to gain.
For there is good in this world,
There is light in the morning,
And even in night
we can hope for a dawn.
There is good in this world
Even when we can’t find it.
So for you and for me, I will try to hold on.

I will lift you up
Both for you and for me,
I will lift you up
To carry you there.
Though my body is broken
For the sake of this love
Though I be consumed
by a lingering death.
I will carry you there,
Though my bones lie in dust,
For your sake I will spend my last breath.

When your heart
no longer knows day from darkest night
And your body
lies crumpled beyond strength of rising,
When the horrors of your mind give no rest or respite,
Though your spirit be crushed,
To your fate you will be borne.

I'll hold to you fast,
somehow I'll pull us through.
As bird with broken wings will still drag though the ash.
As long as my legs will carry me,
I'll carry you.

- Primula