- Primula

Canker gnawed upon your heart
Bereft as it was of your pride, your joy.
Half your heart already dead,
E'en before the madness overtook you.
You sought knowledge and power
Seeking to fill that void,
Yet for all your wisdom, you did not see
That a wound cannot be filled with shadows;
They neither fill nor heal, nor drown out the
Flittings of memories,
Winged insects unseen in the falling dusk.
You turned to hear them and heard a
Whisper of an unseen presence
Behind the cloth-drawn windows, in the darkness.
It whispers to you, calls to you,
Lights under your desperate touch
As with moonlight and
Denethor -
This light will not illumine your path,
This foreknowledge will not save you.
O Leader of ashes, Steward of secrets, of
Whispers in the dark,
Bearer of this flame at your breast
That beats and flares
Through your withered hands.