- Primula
Are you going to bury me?

Where have they gone...
    They have all gone, Pippin,
Leaving us, they're leaving us
One by one,
    Dropping away
       Dropping away into darkness.

The Men, the Big ones have
    Left us -  abandoned us.
Leaving this world,
    Leaving our sides
       Of what consequence are we?

We should not be here, Pip.
They have no use for us;
Try as we might how can we hope
To reach their heights, or to live there?

We shouldn't have left our homes,
Pippin; Wouldn't have
    Except for love.

And now, where is the one that we loved?

He's gone away...
    Dropped away from our sides,
       Just like them.
All in a moment lost from us forever.

There was a terror before my eyes,
An ancient terror.
       It took my leige,
          It took my lady...
What of her? What has become of her,
                 of us?

This shadow is so heavy, Pip.
It begins to overcome my waking mind as well as my sleep.
I am...
    falling away...

I am so sorry, Pip.
So sorry that I am falling away from you.
You, of all of us,
       Should not have to be