Brandy Hall

A "regular warren", to far-flung folk,
A "queer" place to those never there-
But oh, the home of many a heart
And many a morning's cheerful start,
Hot, fine breakfasts when we awoke
And a place to set aside our cares.

Brandy Hall with its windows bright,
And sunlight entering by many a door,
The entire hill almost hollowed out -
So there's always a hail or friendly shout,
To any friend that comes in sight,
And there's always room for one more.

Anyone needing a listening ear,
A batch of advice be it good or bad,
Or just the arms of a strong embrace -
Can always find one gentle face
And a set of hands that will pull you near,
Correcting or comforting if you're sad .

We are never alone or neglected here,
There's always a hearth and a hearty meal.
The gentle sound of the river ways;
A background murmur to our days
In this grand old home we hold so dear,
Warm fire and familial love we feel.

So to Brandy Hall we raise our glass,
And offer a toast to Master Merry -
May all his friendships remain true,
May all his family respect him too,
And may every blessing come to pass
Within his time here in Bucklebury.

- Primula