- Primula

Don't leave me behind!
Alone through the nights
With none by my side;
Astray and affright.
If I am but baggage
I beg you to find
A need for my contents
Don't leave me behind!

My honor is steadfast
The long miles through
My blade may be short
But it's tempered and true
My stature's not great
But with a soldier's due,
Be fate kind or cruel
I'll still join you.

Don't leave me behind!
Alone among Men,
No kindred to comfort,
No aid for my friends.
If I am but baggage
I beg you to see
The need for my presence,
For including me.

Don't leave me behind,
I'll not be turned back!
I'll follow along
If only as a sack.
Trip on me and curse me,
Your own Master Bag,
But I'll show my mettle,
The truest you've had.

Don't leave me behind!
Choose me to bring,
I'll hang on your packhorse,
Over saddle I'll sling;
I'll be your own package,
If you'll be so kind.
But whatever you do,
Don't leave me behind!