- LegolasPointyEaredBowTwanger

He is not a man
He is immortal
He is an elf of immortal beauty
His bow is drawn
He pulls an arrow from the quiver
A bow and arrow
The thread pulls and stretches
The bow croaks and cracks
His name is Legolas, he is prince of Mirkwood
With a deadly eye he shoots the bow
It sings a song of death with a twang, whistle, fump
An orc, in the distance, growls, roars, snarls
The arrow, it flies with great speed
The sharp point flashes in the sun
It plunges into the hard flesh and out the back
The orc screams falling to the ground
With a hole between its eyes and out the back of its head it dies
It lies on the ground in its own black blood
Legolas turns and glides away in an elvish fashion
His eyes glow blue, his sight better than a hawk and ears better than a **fox
An elf of immortal beauty, the elf
His name, Greenleaf
Ai, Aniron Legolas
Ah, I desire Greenleaf