One Solitary Tear: TTT Part 2

- Pippin's Sunshine

One Solitary Tear

At Isengard,
Grima sheds a solitay tear

Whether at the might of Saruman's army
or for the love of his king

One Tear no one knows

At the River's edge
Aragorn is uconscience

A prayer to the Valar
Found by Brego

Hope renewed
And tears of joy at his return

A conversation with a father
unwilling to let his daughter die

She sheds one solitary tear
for her choic has been made

She will give up her immortal life
and risk breaking her father's heart

Sam sees an Oliphaunt
Smiles that the hobbit poem was true

Captured by Faramir,
Taken to Henneth Aun

Rememberances of a brother slain
One Solitary tear

These were his companions
The Ringebearer he had tred to overtake

Sorrow and then resolve
They will go to Gondor

Tears of frustration from Merry
The Ents will not help

Treebeard has said
They must go home

Host of Elves at Helm's Deep
Just in time for the batte

The Uruks arrve
Thousands strong

Many brave men fallen
Tears will come later

Haldir slain,
Aragorn more resolved

A breach in the wall
Hope fails

At the Ring of Isengard
Saddness from Treebeard

Then Rage at the memory of his
friends torn down

At Osgilith, A moment of unbelief
Frodo almost gives the Ring to a wraith

Sam saves him
only to be threatened

One solitary tear
"Don't you recognize your Sam?"

Faramir with resolve releases them
With hope in his eyes

"Then my lie s forfeit"

Hope renewed once more with the cry,
Forth Eorlingas!

Gandalf returns
Tears for the injured and slain

But the battle for Middle-Earth
is not over.....