One Solitary Tear: TTT Part 1

- Pippin's Sunshine

One Solitary Tear

Two Hobbits taken, believed dead
The other two alone
One Solitary Tear

Along the hunt, clues they were alive
Hope there may yet be

Uruks and wild men on the move
burning as they go

A mother's desperate measure
One solitary tear from the daughter

Ambush, the king's son in wounded
One solitary tear

The Three Hunters meet Eomer
Loyal, but banise by one once trusted

There is little hope their friends are aive
The Uruks were killed, hobbits unseen

We failed them
Rage and despair

Retrace their steps into the forest
One solitary tear

The return of Gandalf
Tears of joy

Through the Marshes
Gollum remembers

Tears come unbidden
At the memory of who he was

Nazgul on wings fy over
Terror and memory of the old wound

Steadfast Sam sheds
One Solitary tear

At the Gate,
almost found out

One tear
out of fear

Gollum says there is another way
They must trust him

Grima once trusted advisor tries to get
the woman he desires more than anything

One solitary tear
for words spoken true

In Rohan, the Kings mind has been poisoned
Overtaken by Saurman

Gandalf scorned
Revealed in white

One Solitary tear from Eowyn
Her King is well

Banishment for Grima,
A tear of regret

Theoden is well,
but his son is not.

At the mounds,
Gandalf tries to comfort the King

But, On solitary tear
Falls for his son

A conversation
with Aragorn

Eowyn sees her destiny.
One solitary tear

The kingdecidesto flee
to Helm's Deep

Attacked by Wargs
Aragorn fallen

For the second time,
the Elf knows grief

A tear from the dwarf
and with it despai

In Ithilen,
Smeagol holds a debate

His eyes filled with tears
at the memoy of his friend

Then triumph,
the good comes out

With resolve
to help his new master