One Solitary Tear: ROTK

- Pippin's Sunshine

"Why do you weep?
What are these tears upon your face?"

One Solitary Tear
Gollum has come between Frodo and me

I distrust the
Wretched creature

But all I can do is
sit and watch

And shed a tear
For my dear friend

At Isengard
Treebeard is manager

Pippin is too curious
Finds the seeing-stone

Steals it from Gandalf
To take a peek

Cries in horror
As He is revealed

Seperated from Merry
Hope forsaken

Swift ride with Gandalf
To warn Minas Tirith

Arwen is leaving
Sees a vision

Her father's words

"There is only death"
"There is still hope"

Future seen
One solitary tear

Return to Imladris
Pleads for Elrond
To reforge the sword

In Minas Tirith
The Steward weeps

His son will not return
His horn came back, cloven in two

"Is there any hope for Frodo?"
"Never was much, just a fool's hope"

Pippin's heart breaks
One Solitary tear

Lighting of the beacons
Hope rekindled

Faramir's return
Unloved son

Grief for a brother
That won't return

Father wishes
He had died instead

Resolve and fear
Denethor send him to his certain death

At the stairs
Frodo sides with Gollum

"Go home Sam"
Tears of betrayal

Sam turns away
Steps heavy with grief

Anger fills him
Renewed resolve

One solitary tear
How could he have left his master?

Pippin is asked to sing
No fitting words for dark times

Silent grief
As he knows

Faramir probably dead
One solitary tear

His horse returns
Him full of arrows

Not dead
Not yet

A madness overtakes Denethor
Tries to kill Faramir

Not yet dead
Denethor caught in the fire

End of the Steward
Faramir saved

Aragorn dreams
His beloved is dying

The Light of the Evenstar fades
Despair, one solitary tear

Eowyn's grief at his choice
One solitary tear

"Who you love
is but a shadow"

In the tunnel
Frodo is betrayed

Tells Smeagol
I have to destroy it

Destroy it for both of us
One solitary tear

Frodo is wounded
Like dead

Samwise the Brave
Injures Shelob

Runs to his master
"Not dead, wake up"

"Don't go where I can't follow"
Tears of ultimate grief

Words overheard
He's not dead

Only stung
Taken to the Tower

At the battle
Rohan answers

The Witch-King
Fells Theoden's steed

Eowyn and Merry
Kill the greatest enemy

Eowyn finds Theoden
Sheds one solitary tear

Beloved Uncle and King
Will not return to Meduseld

Pippin finds Merry
"It's Pippin"

One solitary tear
For friend fallen

In the Tower
Sam fights with the Orcs

For Frodo, for the Shire, For the Gaffer

Climbs the ladder
And with one solitary tear

And dogged determination
Kills another

"Not if I stick you first"
Finds Frodo

Tears of comfort
Tears of grief

Frodo thinks the Ring is gone
But trusty Samwise saved it

On Mount Doom
"Do you remember the Shire?"

"No, I don't recall
Any happy things"

One solitary tear

"I can't carry it for you
But I can carry you!"

"Let's be rid of it
For good"

At the gates
Hope is gone

Aragorn with tears in his eyes
says, "For Frodo"

They believe
He has fallen

Frodo does fail

Sam's fearful
heart-rending NO

Gollum attacks
and goes over the edge

Frodo barely hangs on
"Don't you let go!"

Ring destroyed
Frodo remembers

Remembers the Shire
Sam wants to marry Rosie

The eagles arrive
Carry them away

Many tears of joy
The fellowship has conquered

The reunion is happy
One look is all it took

One solitary tear

Aragorn is king
Hobbits bow

"You bow to no one"

Happy days of renown
Return to the Shire

Sam marries Rosie
Frodo can't find peace

At the Havens,
Bilbo is accorded a special place

The last boat to leave Middle Earth
All of the Wise shall join him

Galadriel, Celeborn
Gandalf and Elrond

Then tears of unbelief
As Frodo goes too

A hug and acknowledgement
To each

Lastly Sam, dear Sam
With tears of respect

A kiss
Of blessing

Peace at last
"Well, I'm back"

"I will not say,
Do not weep,
For not all tears are evil."