One Solitary Tear

- Pippin's Sunshine

One Solitary tear can say a lot.
One drop of salty water can show so much emotion.

So much loss, terror and determintation
Makes up the story we all love.

On Weathertop and in the Trollshaws,
One rolls down Sam's cheek.

Is my friend going to die?
Is he going to make it?

Outside of Moria, one tear for Gandalf.
The Hobbits overcome with emotion.

Rage from the Dwarf
The Elf in despair, but no tears.

Down the River,
Rest before the journey continues.

Attacked by Urk-Hai,
Death of Boromir, a promise broken.

Two hobbits taken,
Their fate unknown.

Aragorn, the heir sheds a solitary tear
for his companion.

Shows his kingship,
Assumes the role of leader.

Frodo at the shore's edge,
Reminded of Gandalf.

One tear,
Then a desperate measure.

Must go alone,
Sam does not understand.

Frodo pulls him from the water,
both sheding tears of friendship.

A promise kept with a solitary tear.