Ships, War and Destiny

- Pippin's Sunshine
The beginning was good.
Songs were sung,
The earth was made.

Discord and mis-harmonies.
Chaos in the Heavenlies.

Two lamps
Two trees
Silver and Gold no more

Evil has come
Come to the world

Lands taken,
Then taken back,
Then taken again.

War on the mountain.
Elves, Men and Orcs.

Good versus Evil
Good must win
Kings of Elves and Men both slain.

Both suffer the same fate.
Though, not without hope.

Evil is defeated.
Good reigns.
Lands are retaken once more.

Is it Destiny?
Is it Fate?

We must all suffer.
Mortals die.
The Elves do not.

Some say they escape
Unscathed, unharmed.

For they take the ships
To the west,
N’ver to return.

Ships of blue and white
Crowned with stars.

The gods show mercy
And let the ships pass
Into the hands of fate.