The Greatest Risk is Friendship

- Pippin's Sunshine

Friend of mine
Steadfast companion
You can no longer help me.
The ring is taking me
I am sorry for the hurt
I have dumped upon you.
This is my burden
I would never long
To wish its heaviness
Upon you

Dear Sam,
You are my Shire
You are all I have left
I can't do this
I can't bear the look
On your sweet face
The ring wishes to
Destroy our bond

My sweet Sam,
I am glad you are with me
I see the hurt in your eyes
When I say I wish
To help Smeagol
I may not be able to save him,
No it is too late for him

Sam, my hope,
You can and are saving me
You are the ideal of all that
I am still clinging to
I still cling to a small hope
Hope that one day we
Will be reunited in the Shire

My beloved Sam,
You do help me,
You help me overcome the
Temptation of the ring
Thrice you have saved me
But I fear it shall
Not be the last

Save me Sam, you are my only help now.