Invisible Me

- Pippin's Sunshine

Pippin: What good am I?
I'm just a useless piece of baggage.
Gandalf's death was my fault.
Wish I was invisible.
Invisible me

Aragorn: Destiny glimpsed,
But not held.
Must stay hidden
Till the right day.
Invisible me

Sam: Promise made,
Promise kept
Stay with master,
Master doesn't see me
Because of the evil ring
Invisible me

Faramir: Youngest son
least loved brother
Brother dead
Must make father see me
Invisible me

Smeagol: Gollum evil
Won't let us be
Want to be trusted
They can't see through the past
Invisible me

Frodo: Ring so heavy
Almost within his grasp
The Eye is looking
But not seeing the real me
Invisible me

Me: Invisible me,
Why can't they see?
Work hard at writing
Writing not read
Why can't they see
Invisible me?