The Door

LotR Object: The door of Bag End

I allow company to pass through this humble abode.
Some come at our bidding,
Others come unwelcome.

Friends and foes alike.
I protect the master of the house.
Protect from wind, sun and rain.

Door to a Hobbit Hole,
Round I am
Green with a gold knob.

Marred by a wizard's staff
13 Dwarves passed through

Without handkerchief,
A hobbit's adventure began.

He arrived home to find
An auction at this very door.

Treasures retrived.
New adventures to seek.

Someday, another hobbit will pass through this door.
Not to seek treasure, but to destroy evil.

Master passes his last through the door
sails away, to only be a memory.

There's a new master.
He will love and cherish this hole.

And never forget adventures start
when you step out of the door.

"The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
And I'll follow if  I can,
Down from the door where it began."