Judicious Saruman

- pilbara orc

A sort of Engrish verse by bard Merry

Friend,bark and moss-beard,lend me your Ents
I'd go to Rohan not to Buckland.
The evil orcs do,wilts leaves after them
The good grows in their blood and bones.
So let it be, with Helm's Deep.
The noble Saruman is glad you are not hasty
If you are slow, t'will be a grievous fault
And grievously will Rohan answer it.
Here, under the leaves of Fangorn are our best-
For Saruman and his orc clan
So are they all, all in their horrible den
Come and lets speak of their funeral.
In Helm's Deep are my friends, and they will be dust to me
But Saruman says that you are hasty
And Saruman has a horrible clan.....