Middle Earth, Under Your Spell

- pilbara orc

Middle Earth,under your spell...
Dark Eagle rides the secret chant of currents
Which lifts the tips of feathers, shining with black frost.
Keen sight of eyeless sockets
Studying enchantment's flow.
Mighty swirlings of the Great Anduin
Misty spells roll over sleeping lands
Silver and gold the Lady's lock of time, on Lorien below.
Radagast the unchanging:
Seer of wizardry,
Greatest of fools.
Unsmiling,pitiless,hard beak of Fate.

Below on the river, minds struggle with doubts.
But the talons of character hold all to their course.......

Legolas looks up,
Spells spill from his paddle in brilliant drops.
Is it an eagle above them ,so high?
Wood arrow change nought?
Gimli sits bound in his dreams,
Three golden wishes clasped in his heart's deep treasury.
Frodo is brooding, his thoughts spinning round,
Fleeting,unwilling glimpses of future's shadow.
Sam's hopes are all tied with love, of elven rope.
Boromir and Aragorn, exchanging the glares of heirdom.
Bravely thinking of food, Merry and Pippin....
All is, as must be!

Oh ,where is that Snaag'l?
Eddies of gloomy silt stirred up from the mirky depths.
His simple ,mad flapping knowing no restraints........
Is it an eagle above them,so high?