Dinner at Cirith Ungol

- pilbara orc

I've been driven to your parlour
Wayward Orc awaiting sentence
Smell of fear is always Darkness
Queen's brow flashing with her gems

Stale your wisdom? Not by my mind
Sharp the humour of your fangs
Few stay long to memorize them
Wondrous drapes of woven womb.

Whispers name I had forgotten
Then knits my tears, in silken shroud
Short time now, till poison bites me
Give me time! Oh give me time!

My last moment's entertainment
Exagger-ates on journey's loom
Dark Lord waiting in his boredom
Yawning mouth in fiery tomb.

Little knows he that I slumber
Bones unburied but in bliss
Where does orc-soul go, I wonder
In first peace of Ungol's kiss.


" And Orcs,they were useful slaves,but he had them in plenty...he would have them driven to her hole, and report brought back to him of the play she made."
J.R.R.Tolkien The Two Towers Chapter ix