Old Man Willow

Beware of Old Man Willow, don’t heed his singing sigh.
His spell’s cast on unwary ones, avoid his breathless cry.

Once heard on gentle drifting breeze, its then your fate is sealed,

You’ll wish then for a river cool in which to dip your heels.

Don’t try to struggle little one, your destiny’s been sown,

Tempting fate with Old Man Willow, just to cool your own

Don't walk the Withywindle path, don’t wander down that glade,

He’ll thus ensnare the wanderers of paths that trees have made.

Too late now, his snare is set, you're caught up in his roots,

Now only Tom can save you as he's a-walking in his boots.

For he knows all the answering songs, that Old Man Willow sings,

And Tom cannot be caught by spells, nor even by the One Ring.

- pi