The Riding of the Rohirrim

Through doubt’s clouds they came on the wind
Riding the night, fealty kept for all men
Saving all, for a time, unknowingly sinned
Back in a time of remember when.

Streaming golden-haired, fell in the morn
Helm was shaken, sword was rent
As orc and warg both sundered were torn
Onward, uncertainty, thoughts wasted, time spent.

Raining down arrows, enemies ridden down
Gave better than received but their king soon did fall
Yet Witch-King reaped, too, what he hath sown
Gondor’s reprieve saved by the Northmen’s horn call.

Doubt and uncertainty, still woven through
The plans that arose after death’s match was due
Marched on to Mordor, as bait in between
The teeth of Sauron, but saved by the twain.
- pi