Remnants From the Past

We’ve read all there is to know of a land called Middle-earth,
Ending in the fourth age, and beginning in its birth,
From Adrahil to Zirak-Zigal, and all those in between,
No stranger world we’ve come across, nor characters we’ve seen.

'Twas long ago, and far away, in lands unknown to us
Where Hobbits, Dwarves and Men did live, and Elves in exodus.
They lived and died, across lands wide, with evil beings there,
Their lessons learned, and longings yearned, for Elvenhome the Fair.

From Morgoth’s endless evil ways, or deeds that break your heart,
To learn of life and love from this would surely be a start.
Of battles that were won or lost, for love lost my heart bleeds,
We’ve seen it all from trees that walk to those that smoke pipeweed.

Yet I’m not sure that world is gone, at least not all the way,
For I see things reminding me of Middle-earth each day.
Fresh blooming flowers, a kindly man, or evil turned from deed,
I see blossoms everywhere, grown from that very seed.

Now, it seems, as in a dream, the longing in us stirs,
As those of us that recall them, find kinship in their words.
They died it’s said, so long ago, that history can’t say
Just when they left for far ‘way lands, to ne’er see our day,

But do not fear, or miss them dear, for they can still be found,
From what I’ve seen from our own boards, they’re certainly around.
I’m done my tale, with naught to say, the truth is plain to see
That not all Hobbits passed away, nor Elves sailed over sea.
- pi