The Battle of Pelennor

Journey of imagination
On to the final destination
To drop the One into its spot
So lives are saved and villains caught

Along the way troubles brew
And many lives have been run through
By evil’s blade to turn into
A wraith-like creature, thus subdued.

The Dark Lord tried to rule the world
And block the sun with smoky swirls.
But then light came and swept away
The darkness on that fiery day.

In Pelennor the tide was turned
Stopping evil thus was spurned.
The battle swayed by Rohan’s steeds
Answered Gondor’s battle need.

“Horns, horns, horns”, the book did read
Witch King smiting gate on steed.
Then hearing horns, he turned away,
Undead dying on that day.

But still the day had much to see
As Aragorn came from the seas.
Up Anduin to meet his fate
An hour more? Perhaps too late.

Reforged Narsil, Anduril,
Would not be swayed - it’s job to kill,
The minions of Sauron on that day,
Screamed and wailed, and ran away.

For Elendil’s sword was such a fright
To evil that, try as they might
They couldn’t bear it, how it shone
With king returned to claim his own.

Yet still with many deeds to do
The sword reforged as one anew
Came home to Gondor finally,
Through Paths of Dead, and up from sea.
- pi