A Journey Long

Journey long in hardened lands, a fellowship was made
Marching on to lands unknown as brothers roles they played
Each along their lonely path not solely their hearts weighed,
Ever journeyed on their way the twisted fates thus played.

Evil lay before their feet, and following as well
Onward still their treading feet as darkness’strength did swell
White is sickly, black is strong, but neither one can tell
The outcome told as tales of old, the tolling of death’s knell.

Tribulations, respite found, each has wrought their stroke
Elf and Halfling, Man and Dwarf shared their dreadful yoke
Fighting evil, separate ways, they represent good folk
Only two to fire’s Doom which they with Ring did stoke.

Judgment lay as heavy cloak upon his very soul.
Teeter not or failure sure will fall upon us all
Fears not few waylay them just as day follows night’s fall
Found the path that none could find, the Halflings stood so tall.

- pi