The Last Elf

The last elf went sadly to sea, leaving Middle-earth sailing west,
To spend his eternity, with kin and kind, finding rest.
For out of the west he did come, when moon and sun weren’t yet made,
And back to the west he returns, feeling melancholy and staid.

He lived for ages in lands, and blessed were they to reside,
So close to the heart of the ageless, flowing both swiftly and slow.
Life all around did pass on, as pain wallowed up deep inside,
His heart for ages spoke out, and finally told him to go.

Mortal lands now must go on, with less of the glory of old
For now all elves have moved onward, or so the story is told.
Blessed realm, receive now our prayers, Illuvatar grant him smooth pass
The last elf is journeying home, at once his future and our past.

- pi